Hunger Mountain Weekend …

This weekend was all about Hunger Mountain CoOp. Saturday afternoon we visited the Coop-sponsored “Food and Wellness Expo” at city hall, and later we stopped by the CoOp to do our weekly shopping. Sunday we attended the CoOp’s annual members’ meeting, which was also held in city hall’s auditorium. The auditorium is also the home of the Lost Nation Theater. It’s a nice space.

The expo gave us a chance to meet the nice people who grow and make the yummy food we eat, and the annual meeting showed us our first glimpse of Vermont democracy in action.

Both events were interesting, and we met lots of nice people. The expo was attended by representatives from all sorts of places. We chatted with Nick of Shelburne Orchards about apples and ginger, and about daikon and herbs with Richard of Cate Farm. The Annie’s folks were real nice and even fawned out back over Mick before things got started. We were surprised that we didn’t see Nutty Steph, but she ended up going to her usual Montpelier farmer’s market gig on Saturday. She set up a table at the annual meeting the next day. She’s a trip.

As for the democracy, the biggest issue this year is whether or not to offer a family membership as opposed to requesting (not requiring) that each adult in a household have a membership. The vote was so close that a movement was made to table the motion and immediately seconded. Not unusual. What was unusual was that once it was seconded, it was voted on, and it was nearly unanimous that the item be tabled. Neither side seemed all that interested in fighting it out or anything. And without going into details, the compromise is already sort of in place, so it is something that can wait until next year to try to be decided.

* Every product getting a link is getting one because Sarah and I actually use and like the product. Although we haven’t been to the theater yet.